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Re: Recent Nanny News Coverage 

While we applaud the Toronto Star for drawing attention to the flaws in the Live-in Caregiver Program, over 20 years in the business has proven the value of this service for Canadian families.  There is a positive side to this story that is not being heard in recent media coverage.

Many working Canadian families require child and elder care.  Our business is providing this service with value and integrity.  There is a shortage of caregivers in Canada.  Family circumstances including shift work, frequent business travel, children with special needs and elderly family members requiring companionship benefit from a live-in caregiver.  Wait lists for daycare, limited facilities in rural locations and high costs are among reasons Canadian families seek live-in care.  

Abolishing the program would force the industry underground, ensuring that only the rich could afford live-in care, and work standards would have no hope of being upheld.  If filtered through the usual immigration stream, the process would take too long to benefit the families who need this service now.

We take pride at Diamond Personnel in a 95% success rate with matching workers to employers and a strong support network for our nannies.  We support stricter regulations and penalties for abusing the system, but we urge you to realize the full potential of this program. 


Check out the letter as seen in the National Post

18 Responses

  1. madam,my name is emmarose working here in hk for almost 8yrs im very eager to come and work there in canada pls let me know the date when u come to hk many thanks.,

    • Hi Emma,
      We will be returning to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year since you will have a few days off from February 3-6th.
      We will be posting the information about orientations shortly. In the meantime please arrange your training with either CCTI or the YMCA. We require recent caregiver training to be placed with Diamond.
      Best Regards,
      Audrey Guth

    • Usma,
      Sorry for the late response, somehow I missed the email. If you still need childcare, please contact me directly at 416-730-8866 ext 224
      Warm Regards,

    • Emmarose,
      We will be in Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year. I invite you to attend our free orientation at the Mira Hotel. Please become our friend on facebook “Diamond Personnel” check our website, the Sun or our Blog for details. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

  2. Hi!my name is Zita,i’m currently working here in Calgary and i have a niece working in Hongkong she is interested to apply here in Canada as a nanny.please let me know when will be your next orientation in Hongkong.Just send it in my email,thank you very much.

  3. Hi Audrey,call me liza for short.I have been working here in hongkong for 12yrs with 5 different families.reading the section,”reasons for nanny to quit their job”,proved true to my case.I would like to know your next orientation,i just missed yesterday”s.I am very hopefull that,through your help,i can find new position as nanny in canada.please call me 61695271,willing to answer any of your questions, Best regards

  4. good day I’m theresa im willing to work as nanny in canada. pls.let me know if you have agency directly here in hk thanks.

  5. Hi,

    This is Vanessa, working in Hongkong for almost 4 years, taking good care of babies and now they are toddlers. I just wanna ask how much agency fee collected by a qualified applicant.

    Im very much willing to apply this coming year.

    • Hi Vanessa,
      Diamond does not charge the nannies anything. Our next orientation to Hong Kong will be on Jan.21 to 24, please contact Mary at 416-730-8866, or check out our facebook page, where you will find all of the information.

  6. hi,im working here now at hongkong as DH and i have no child or even elderly care only working in the house but i am interested to work in canada.i am qualified as candidates for nanny?pls.let me know when will your next orientation this me.tnx

  7. Hi i was informed with a friend about the orientat’n this coming Jan. 21-23 here in HK. I would like to ask your venue where would it be.Please email me at!

  8. Hi Sir/ Madame;
    This is Jeanette Peralta and currently working here in Hongkong. i just want to inquire about when is your next Orientation because i would like to attend. Hope there will be a schedule of saturday because that is only my day off and also my visa will be end after 6mos from now. So, i’m interested to apply as a caregiver.
    Hoping for your reply soon.

    Thank You,
    Jeanette Peralta

    • Hello Jeanette
      Our next orientation to Hong Kong will be in April, and it is usually on a weekend, closer to the date details will be posted on Facebook and on our website.

  9. Hi sir/madam,
    This is marilene,i am planning to apply any month of this year,i just want to ask if when is the next orientation? i work here for 5 years now,the problem is i only work for adult,but i have experienced before to my 2nd employer with 2 kids 5 and 6 yrs old that time,i only stay with them for 5 months! how can i apply,i only have short experience for kids here!

    Thank you,

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