Toronto daycare is scarce and expensive: live-in care IS a realistic option

Parents can streamline expenses and decrease stress: an affordable luxury


TORONTO: For working parents, childcare is necessary.  Parents have the options of taking their children to daycare or employing a caregiver.  A live-in nanny is no longer a luxury item.  The average cost of daycare, with two children is $2500 per month.  For a live-in caregiver, parents pay less than $1700 including tax per month after the initial placement fee. 


According to the most recent statistics published by the City of Toronto (Feb. 2008), there are only enough daycare spots for 1 in 5 children. 

Parents can apply for subsidized daycare to cut costs significantly.  However, as of Oct. 2008 there were 14, 338 children waiting for subsidized daycare spots in Toronto. 

A live-in caregiver provides flexibility for parents.  Having at home care allows parents to avoid the morning rush or being charged late fees by-the-minute in the evening for the daycare if they don’t arrive on time. Reputable agencies negotiate work terms between parents and nannies.  Professional agencies also advise employers of provincial employment standards and monitor compliance. They also assist nannies in communicating effectively with employers.  Live-in caregivers often become like members of the family, with the common goal of happy and healthy children.

We teach our nannies to treat their employer’s home as if it were their own.  This results in less stress for working parents.

In an economic downturn, even childcare costs must be examined. In –home care maximizes family quality time and is within reach for most dual income families.




Parent FAQs

Here are a few questions I get asked often:

1) How are your candidates screened?

Diamond Personnel will:

  • Check their proof of legal status in Canada or abroad, work permits, picture ID, passports and other important information
  • Conduct a one-on-one interview involving: skill-testing and situational questions, and past work experience and individual character is explored in detail
  • Focus interviews on evaluating their common sense, integrity and true desire to work with children or the elderly
  • Verify references by checking their employment history, job responsibilities and inquire about the character of the nanny
  • Ensure all candidates speak English fluently, have an equivalent of grade 12 education and at least one year of care-giving experience


2) How long does the hiring process take?

  • Oversea nannies: may take up to 4 months
  • Local candidates: within a matter of days

3) What responsibilities will be required to have as an employer?

  • Remit payroll taxes (EI, CPP, WCB), in addition to the nanny’s net salary
  • Keep payroll records and provide your nanny with a pay stub
  • Abide by all provincial employment labour laws

4) Can communication be a barrier?

Diamond Personnel will:

  • Assess their English comprehension and writing skills after they complete our online application form
  • Assess verbal and comprehension skills during personal interview with the applicant
  • Consider cultural differences, as well as be tolerant and understanding of these differences

5) What kind of support will I receive from Diamond Personnel?

  • Ongoing support during and after the hiring process: always available to answer any questions
  • An orientation package including thorough information regarding HRSDC paperwork, work permits, and anything else you may need to know regarding becoming an employer
  • Follow up within a week of placing the Nanny

6) What happens if it doesn’t work out?

  • We will stand by our four-month guarantee for locally placed nannies, and a one year guarantee for nannies placed from overseas: within that time-period if things are simply not working out, we introduce new candidates within 48 hours

7) Why are some agencies free?

  • Agencies that do not charge a fee for their service are charging fees to the applicants. Screening is often non-existent and their sole purpose is to provide a job (legitimate or otherwise) without regard for the needs of the family or the caregiver

 More questions?  Check out  or email me

30 Responses

  1. i am allowed to apply via internet???

  2. happy holiday!!!pls. let me inform about your job offers if there’s available for nanny or childcare….i am presently working in hongkong for 6mos. and i want to know if i can apply now?

  3. hi, i am interested to apply as a nanny in canada… i am working here in hongkong for almost 5 years with one employer. pls help me… thank you.

    • Hi…
      I browse your email address, and im very interested to apply in your agency to fulfill my dreams to have work in canada. Please dvise me if I will be qualified, im 24 years old, presently working here in hongkong as domestic helper for more than one year. Taking care of a 4 year
      Old twin(girl). I attended one of your orientation here. Thank you for any response..

  4. I have been working here in Hong Kong for more than 2 years,I am interested to work in Canada..When are you coming back here in Hong Kong for orientation seminar.Thanks!

  5. Please contact our consultants for a free assessment and consultation
    416-730-8866 ext 226

  6. Hi Maria,
    We will be returning to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year. That will be a great time to meet with us!
    We will be posting the information about orientations shortly. In the meantime please arrange your training with either CCTI or the YMCA. We require recent caregiver training to be placed with Diamond.
    Hope this helps!


  7. hello!let me know when do you conduct seminars here in hongkong becuase i want to attend to attend seminars.More power!thanks!

  8. Maria,
    I hope you will be able to attend our free orientation session in Hong Kong over the Chinese New Year. Please become a friend of Diamond Personnel on facebook, check our blog or website for details. If you would like an application, please send an email to so that you can be ready for an interview next month.
    Warm Regards,

  9. We’ll be back for the Chinese New Year! Hope to meet you then. Please become our friend on facebook, Diamond Personnel. That way you can keep up with all of the latest info.
    See you soon.

  10. Cath,
    We will be back for the Chinese New Year. Please become our facebook friend to keep up with the latest info “Diamond Personnel”, check out the blog, our website and the ad in the Sun for details.
    Hope to meet you soon,
    Warm Regards,

  11. Esther,
    We are not coming back to Macau but will be in Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year. Are you still interested in coming to Canada to work? If so, maybe you will be able to attend one of our free orientations.
    Warm Regards,

  12. Sanjay,
    Due to a technical glitch, we never received your post. So sorry. I know it’s a year too late but just wanted to thank you for considering Diamond Personnel and if we can help you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
    My apologies,
    Shauna Guth
    416-730-8866 ext 226

  13. hi SHAUNA,
    I am 49yrs old working here in hk for 15yrs wt an aussie family look after kids do i have any chance to apply in your agency how much is the payment for training?

  14. hello! Im working here in hongkong for 5 yrs with my employer up to the present im taking care of 4 children ages 11, 9, 7, and 5 im interested to work in canada…can you help me…if possible i want o work in ALBERTA…more power…thank you!

  15. hi
    presently im working as nurse her in saudi,do i have any chance to apply as nanny or care giver with your help even im not in hk?im so much interested to work in canada,thanks


  16. hello diamond personnel!!im a nurse by profession.having hospital training for two currenltly working here at Hongkong for 6 months,taking care two Kids(8and6)-other has ADHD.and 1 old aged. am i qualified to get your full service?Hope i can have positive response from you.tnx and more power.

    • Hello Sheilla
      You are qualified , but you do have to work for minimum one year in Hong Kong. Please contact Mary at 1-416-730-8866 she will let you know what you need to complete in order to be able to apply to Canada.

  17. helo,im joveline.i want to aply for a job in canada,hope u can help working here in hongkong for 1 1/2 year.taking care of a 4 year-old a teacher by profesion and hve a teaching experience for more than 2years before coming to hongkong to work as DH.can you help me find an employer?thanks and God Bless.

  18. H! I’m 40 years on June,2012, i’m working in hongkong. for 5 years, for american first family i’m taking care 3months and 3years old,work for 9 months. they move to japan., my next family i’m taking care 3 kids, 1year and 6months old, 4 years old and 7years old, they going back to US, work for 2years, my third family i’m taking care two both new born. work for 2 years. and my present now ‘ m taking care 9 and 13 years old. can cook food for them.i wish you can help me to find employer, thank you!

    more power,

  19. hello , i’am 46 yrs old and i want to apply in your agency , i’am working here in hongkong for more than 18 yrs in one employer,i look after 2 kids age of one month old and the second is new born and now they are grown up, they are a chinese family,i’am graduate as a medwife ,i want to work any place in canada i wish you can help me to find employer . thanks a lot….evelyn

  20. hi!
    im currently working in KSA ..i want to apply as live in nanny in it possible to process any documents here in KSA?

  21. hi! i’m interested to work in canada. I’ve been working here in hongkong for 4 years 1 employer. They are couple age 64yrs old and 45yrs old. Am i qualified with that expirience? Thank u!!

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, to qualify as an elderly caregiver, you must have worked with someone 65 years old and up. You’re almost there, don’t give up!

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