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Shauna is a manager Diamond Personnel & a master at matching nannies to Canadian families.

Shauna is a manager Diamond Personnel & a master at matching nannies to Canadian families.

Hi and thank you for visiting our blog.  I am a part of the process from start to finish– personally sourcing, screening, training and matching caregivers to Canadian families.  I am passionate about my work.   I will use this blog to share insight about questions I get asked often or observations I make on the job.  Please email your questions to


Q:  I’ll be working most of the summer; my kids will be with their nanny.  Can you suggest some fun ideas that they could enjoy together?


A:  Encourage your nanny and children to explore the city; they can go for a walk, visit neighbourhood friends, grandparents or other nannies, who take care of kids close to your children’s’ ages.  For the more adventurous nanny, suggest she take your children on a day trip to Ontario Science Centre, Zoo, Centreville, the Royal Ontario Museum, or the CN Tower.

On rainy days, nanny and kids can stay in and bake cookies, do puzzles, play board games, make decorations for a birthday party or a Christmas in July celebration.  They can practice reading and writing, throw on some cool music and dance the afternoon away, or put on a talent show for friends and family when they get home.

Other fun activities for rainy days are outings for lunch, or going to a facility where they can make their own pottery or better yet, teddy bears that they can bring home and play with the next day.

Engage the nanny and your kids in conversation about what they would like to do.  Your nanny can teach your children about her culture and they could embark on a day celebrating your nanny’s heritage! Kids love it : )

Hope that helps! 


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  1. hello! i’m very much inspired during the orientation held here in Hongkong last Oct 1. I’m very much interested to be a part of Diamond Family, but unfortunately, I’m just about 2mos. here and more months of waiting before I can really make my move…hoping and praying that we will see each other very soon. More power and God Bless Diamond Personnel.

  2. do i allow direct apply tru ur website??im in hongkong,i want to apply inyour agency to work in canada..thak you very much?

  3. I am asking your good office to consider Thursday on the first week of February for me and my friends whose off is on that day… hoping for your consideration.

    • Will you be off any day during the Chinese New Year – Feb 13th -16th, as there are three statutory holidays.


  4. hi ,
    just lucky to attend the seminar the latest time you and the group come to hk for interview
    but was not lucky because all available jobs were for
    child care.still i’m hoping for elderly care,which fits my experience.
    thank you for the supporting staff that we met here in hk.

    • Hi Divina,
      We do have eldercare positons available now. We will be back over the Chinese New Year. Now is a great time to apply. Have you registered for your Caregiver Training yet. Please do so before we come back so that we can begin the process of placing you.
      Warm Regards,

  5. hello! how are you madam shauna i just only want to ask when is your next orientation in hongkong thank you madam

  6. Hi margarette,
    Our phone number is 416 730 8866. Have a great day!

  7. Hi,Shauna,

    I would like to ask you,when is the orientation of diamond personnel here in hongkong?and what time,because sometimes i go out around 12pm to my employer,so i would like to know what time. Because i reallly like to attend the seminar of diamond and i’m very interested. At this time i’m in hongkong,and i finished study 6 months caregiver in the philippines, even i have not yet 1 year here,can i attend the orientation?or have a reservation there?

    thank you for reading my message.

    Respectfully Yours,


  8. Hi Ms.Shauna,
    A pleasant day to you. I am also one of those applicants who want to be part of the diamond family. I really hope I can start applying this year and be selected. I also want to take this opportunity to ask you this question. How true that Diamond personnel deducts salary from a caregiver in exchang for the fees that the employers have paid?

    • Hi Janette,
      Diamond Personnel has never charged a salary deduction. What you may be referring to is a program we used to have whereby our nannies contracted for immigration services and financed their fee over 12 months once they arrived in Canada. Diamond Immigration would process their applications for their permanent residency for their entire family. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer immigration services to our nannies as the new caregiver laws do not allow it. It is quite unfortunate because many nannies still want the service. To make it perfectly clear DIAMOND PERSONNEL DOES NOT CHARGE ANY FEES TO CAREGIVERS. We will be back in Hong Kong over the Chinese New Year. Best way to keep in touch is by becoming a friend on facebook “Diamond Personnel” checking out our website for details, the ad in the Sun or our blog. The orientation in Hong Kong is free so make sure you come early to get a spot, only 200 seats available and last August we had over 700 nannies. Sadly we had to turn many away!
      Looking forward to meeting you soon.

  9. Hi Margaret,
    Sorry we missed this post. Our number is 416-730-8866, please call Linda if you are still looking for a job. We have so many wonderful employers available. Tell your friends too!
    Please ask for our new recruiter Linda.
    Warm Regards,

  10. Hi Andy,
    Sorry for the late reply, I missed your post. I would need more information from you to properly answer your questions. Would you please call me directly to discuss your needs.
    416-730-8866 ext. 226
    Warm Regards,

  11. Hi Claire,
    We will be returning to Hong Kong in February for the Chinese New Year. If you are still searching for an agency to help you work in Canada, we have wonderful employers ready now!
    Please let us know if you are still available.
    Warm Regards,

  12. Zenvy,
    I would like to invite you to attend our free orientation to learn all about the requriements. Also, please become our freind on facebook ” Diamond Personnel”
    We will be back in Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year. Hope to see you then,

  13. Carlota,
    You got your wish! We will be in Hong Kong the entire first week of February holding 2 free orientation sessions. I hope you have Friday the New Years Day off, please let us know. If not, I may be able to conduct a small orientation on Thursday, depending on what time we arrive. Please let me know
    Warm Regards,
    Audrey Guth

  14. Hi! I just want to knoe if you process direct hire for canada and if yes where can I go here in HK to bring my requirements? Thank you so much!

    Lily May

  15. hi shauna…greetings…i just want to inquire into ur good office this question…im now here in canada as a newly hired caregiver just in case i want to change my employer is it possible for me and can i apply into ur company as a caregiver also. .thank u and God bless to all…fina reyes(pls. Reply to my email add: u

  16. Hi ms.shauna,
    I attended ur orientation on feb.6th and it was so great to see u back here in hongkong.tha twas d second time i attended d orientation yet I was so sad cos I still cant apply in ur company.and the tuition fee for the training gets a bit higher than b4.
    I have few questions and i hope u cam aswer coz it would really help me a lot.
    1. I didn’t complete my 2 years in college.I got TOR in red ribbon already and found out that there were some subjects blanked (wc means no grades)..but I accumulated 72 units..will it still be acceptable as ur requirement?coz I was thinking If its’s not im afraid I cant risk $15hk that I need to loan from a bank..(I hope u understand me)
    2. once everything is processed..Is it possible that the applicant’s flight will come from Philippines going to canada?
    3. about the referrence letter.are u going to make the letter for us or r we going to make it and ask our employers to sign it?
    4.if the applicants failed the trainings,exams and interviews,,is there an assurance that she can still get an employer and a job?
    looking forward to hear from u.
    Thank u and god bless!!

  17. hi ma’am shauna, Im one of your audience during the orientation last feb 04, 2011. I was impressed with the way it was presented, it inspires me a lot. This is an opportunity to me, i will grab it soon. Hope to start my CCTI this coming april. Looking forward to be working together on my papers soon. Thank you! God Bless… and more power. kem

    • Thank you Kem,

      It is very inspiring to hear that you enjoyed the orientation. We look forward to helping you with your transition and will assist you every step of the way.

      If you need assistance or have any questions, please call Mary at 1-416-730-8866 extension 221 and she will be more than happy to assist you.


  18. Hi…I’m working here in Hongkong and i’m so much interested in going there to Canada to work…I’m a mother of 4 biological children and i adopted son..a Nursing graduate and also have worked as a classroom teacher for preschool and elementary aged children back in the Philippines which is my home country..I also have years of experience as a private nurse..but i’m only six month old working here in Hongkong would i not qualify now to apply in your agency? and if not when is the least possible time i could? your prompt reply is highly appreciated..Thank you and good day…

  19. hi ms. shauna,I am very much interested in applying in your agency.may i know when will be the next orientation here in hk.?I been working here in hk for seven years now.

  20. Hello Lourdes,

    If you email Mary at, she will be happy to answer your questions with regards to working in Canada.


  21. good day shauna,

    Im one of the applicant willing to work anywhere in canada. my assestment is in Etos agency bangkok where im applying. please hepl me find an employer fit for my ability and applied position.

    More power to you,

    Sincerely yours’


  22. mam,
    i am very much interested to attend your seminar,i missed the february orientation,when will you comeback here in hk,plese let me know because im realy eager to study at ccti next month,i had a childcare experience on my previous employer 2yrs ago,but since my current employer has no childcare since her son is already 20y/o im really bothered if i am qualified for this job,so im planning to attend training at ccti,if i have the certificate ,am i qualified to be a nanny?thank you.

  23. Hello Ms. Shauna. I am very much interested to apply in your company as a nanny but I have no idea on how to appoach you. I’ve heard from 1 of my fellow Filipina that your agency is great. I’m a registered nurse in the Philippines and I am currently working here in Hongkong as domestic helper and at the same time taking care of a 1 year old baby. I am now 16 months here in Hongkong. Hoping for your response 🙂

  24. hi ms. shauna,
    i had attended your last orientation here in hk last April. I am really interested in applying as a caregiver there canada thru your agency. I would like to know what are the requirements do i need to prepare in applying. Which comes first? do i have to take the CCTI now? or should i wait for the apllication form first? Or should i know first if i will be qualified to be a caregiver? Basically, i had finished 2 years of college,had been working here in hk for several years (not continues but to complete 3 years 5 months) with an elder.
    i will appreciate it very much if you could give me the information i needed. Thank you very much and God Bless.


  25. Hello.
    I just want to inquire some details about the qualifications going to Canada. I know that you are requiring one year experience, is it possible that I can apply already for the program even though I have been here in Hongkong for few months but I have two years caregiver experience in UK and nursing experience in Philippines because I am license nurse. I really want to know because If I can start my application as soon as possible. Thanks. Your reply is very much appreciated.


    • Hi Rhon,
      You can start applying as far as the paperwork however you will still need to complete 1 year in Hong Kong before you are considered for work in Canada.

  26. hi ms shauna,
    i want to know how much i need to spend in applying in your agency aside from ccti fee.


  27. Hi Ma’am Shauna
    i wish to apply in your office as a live in caregiver or child care i currently work here in bowmanbille ontario and taking care 4 year old boy and all arround household.Since my employer got a few shift in he’s work im work only once in a hoping your possitive responce thanks ang more power.

  28. Thanks,and what would i bring?Please let me know if this your office address is correct when i i have time to get there thanks,toronto canada 4841 yonge st,unit 28 north york,on m2n5x2 is that your office address?i saw your agency when i pick one of newspaper in bay view manila store.
    i try 2x to call at your office but the girl who answered,she didn’t talk to me,maybe i got poor connection because i use to call only internet free going 3yrs working taking care of their kids since my employer got few shift in he’s work we had agreement that he pay me only 1day in a week.hoping your positive responce thanks and Godbless!

  29. Hi!Ma’am Shauna,
    i am very interested to apply in your agency.but i dont know what the first step i need to do.i’m planning to enroll in ccti next month.but im worried because i have 11 months visa here in is possible that i still apply in your agency.
    your agency is my first choice and im confident that im in good hand if i’ll be one of you nannies.can i have some advice of what im going to do.

    thank you.

    rosalie lebertino

  30. hi,
    im very interested maam shauna to apply for canada…how can i know all the requirements to pass to qualified as nanny…thank you maam…when will be your next visit in hongkong,,what is the CCTI and how much..hope to here it from u soon..godbless

  31. hello,

    ma”am have you recieve my documents……..i send it alredy 3weeks from now. i’m one of your applicant in macau china.waiting for your reply.godbless………

  32. hi miss shauna
    im working here in israel,as elderly..are you entertaining applicant from israel thanks.

    • Unfortunately, Heresen, we are unable to help caregivers from Israel. If you are able to go to Hong Kong and work for a year and graduate from CCTI, and we may be able to help you.

  33. Ms.Shauna,
    Thank you for helping me find a family that will trust me to look after their child. Until now I cannot believe that i got the job that fast, it’s my first interview and i think I am also their first caregiver, I will not promise anything but i will do all my best for you to be proud of me. Again thank you very much and more power. See you soon. Judy B. Santiago

  34. Ma’am Shauna I plan to attend the ccti by end of this month,do I have by any chance can find an employer with the assistance of diamond?upon attending the orientation here in hk I feel safety applying through the agency.
    Looking forward

    • Hi Mila,
      Absolutely! Enroll in the CCTI program, and study your hardest. Once you graduate and get all the requirements in order, we can arrange an interview with us on one of our trips to Hong Kong. We will do our best to ensure you have a great future here in Canada.

  35. Thanks Ma’am Shauna I thought I have been forgotten… 🙂
    God Bless to all!

  36. Ma’am Shauna,
    Hi Ma’am! Im glenda abanes and im currently working in Hong Kong for more than 1 year. Im interested to apply to work in canada but my problem is that i dont have expeience in taking good care of elderly and also i only have 4 months experience in child care since i joined my sister to work together in a residence house with only the couple and thier teenager daugther. Do i have a chance to make it in canada? In additional i also have a caregiving training which i attend in philippines for 7 months. Im hoping that u will give me a chance to work in canada. Thank you and more powe.
    Sincerely yours,
    Glenda Abanes

  37. Hello Ms Shauna,i just want to know if I am qualified to apply since my job location is here in Macau,.I am working here for more than five years,as i read your upcoming events, I cant wait to attend! I am planning to visit hongkong this coming feb8-11 2013 to be the part of the diamond event.May i know your qualifications and requirements please? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Myra,
      Thank you for your interest in Diamond, you sound like a great candidate! Please contact our Overseas Coordinator, Mary to discuss your concerns. You can reach her at We look forward to seeing you in February.

      • Thankyou for your kind response.I hope i can make it!Anyway i dont have my canadian caregiver training yet.Is the long years of experience can’t be an exemption?

  38. Really?wow thankyou,its my pleasure.Anyway Mam it’s about a days and you will be in hongkong!Honestly speaking I cant make to register in a Canadian Caregiver Training Institute in Hongkong for just one week,but I will still attend the said event.I hope I can still apply and the given training will be followed,as soon as i make it possible. How long does it take to complete the training?both ccti and caregiver training?so that i can settle the dates and schedule during my day off here in macau.

    • Hi Myra,
      We do require you to take the CCTI training, it is mandatory. To get the dates and training info, please contact the Canadian Caregiver Training Institute directly. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

  39. when will be the next orientation in hk?i did’nt catch the orientation last feb.2013.please email me on my above email add.thanks!

  40. hi! i am working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for almost 10 years now as a nurse in different specialties. I would like to ask if you accept application from here.
    Thanks. Have a blessed week!

  41. Hi Ms Shauna I would like to know when is orientation here in hongkong it’s my pleasure to have your answer thank you

  42. dear mam shauna , i am emelita now here in hk for almost a year.ive heard that u will come back here in hk this coming nov.may i know the date mam so that i could make excuse to msm as early as possible.i hsd attended the orientation already last july 12 and i want to apply now.i just want to ask mam if it is possible that i could have your interview when u come but im not yet finished the training bec i can only provide the training fee this coming nov maybe before u come.and may i ask mam if the nbi clearance need to submit at once youve interview the applicant.hope u consider this message thanks mam.

  43. dear mom.i m pinky from indonesia.may i apply to work in canada with my last education is senior high school.we re 3 person here.its any chance for us?and how much fee for the prosessing paper。thanks so much.we wait for ur further notice soon

  44. Hello I just want to ask when your orrientation again here in hongkong im interested to apply in your agency. Thank you.

  45. hi ms shaun ! i saw your page and i thought you can help me with my query. i work as a domestic helper in hongkong for nearly 8 years and currently working with diplomat family who were planning to move in canada. they offered me the job and i really want to accept it but my problem is i didn’t complete my 72 units in college. is it possible for them to hire me in canada even though i cant provide transcript of record in college? May i know when and where are you going to have orientation in hk?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Clarita,
      Great questions! We appreciate your employer’s commitment to you but unfortunately the Canadian embassy requires at least 72 credits of post-secondary education. We will be back in Hong Kong at the beginning of February. To learn more, click here:

      • hi!thanks for the reply. while i was working in hk i was also enrolled to an online school in the philippines to complete the required units though im not so sure if this could be aaccepted or would be any help on my plans of applying in Canada. please give me advice what’s the best thing to do. thank you!

  46. hello madam good day! can I ask something? I want to ask that where is the location of your agency here in hongkong? because I want to apply as a caregiver or nanny. What are the requirements do I need to prepare?

    I’m Mary grace cenas from Philippines. I as graduated last 2008 of general midwifery course. I am board passer of midwifery
    nexamination last 2009. Two years and four months I have been experienced worked in the hospital from march 2010 until July 2011.

  47. clarita31 on 02/07/2014 at 8:29 am

    Hi Ms Shauna!thanks for the reply. i currently work in hk and im interested working in Canada but unfortunately i don’t have the 72 units . i heard about online school in the philippines and i actually enrolled to complete the required units though im not so sure if this is ok with the embassy and to be honest im not sure if this will be any help on my plans of applying in Canada. please give me advice what’s the best thing to do. thank you!

  48. Hi Clarita, it’s important that you have a diploma and transcripts. If your online course can offer that, than there’s a possibility it will be accepted but we cannot guarantee that.

  49. Ma’am good morning ,,I am interested to apply your agency and I want to attend orientation here in Hongkong .I just want to ask what is the address and when is the orientation?..thank you and God bless you

  50. Hi Ms Shauna I have a plan to work in Canada I hope you can help me.. pls contact me ifyou have oriention or interview her in Hong Kong My cp 852 65475970 want to now your office address her in Tsim sha tsui and contact no… Thank you so much …..juvy

  51. hi ! when are you going visit hk for the next orientation? i look forward hearing from you thank you !


  52. hi , there my name is ana I have a sister in HK who I would like to sponsor as our nanny since I have 2 children 5yrs old and a 10 yrs old. We had previous nanny before and just finished her contract with us. Here are my questions , my sister is only been in HK for few months, I know that she has to work there for at least a year, but her job is not related to childcare or elderly. Although, she has all the other requirements ready like the TESDA 6 months live in caregiver training , 72 units in college ,etc. Should she switch jobs from being a housekeeper to looking after children just to gain an experience or her 6 months training as a caregiver alone is enough? My offer of employment to her will be legitimate since we are paying big bucks for 2 children in daycare anyway. Thanks and hope you can enlighten me a bit.

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