Audrey’s story

Audrey Guth

May 2009

May 2009

Audrey Guth is the Founder and Director of Diamond Personnel Inc. Originally from the United States, she has been in Canada since 1988. In her quest to find the perfect nanny for her family, she found a huge gap in the credibility of the nanny placement industry. Out of necessity, she created a company that has set the benchmark for careful screening of applicants, customer service and integrity.

Mrs. Guth has a Masters Degree in Medical Science from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and a B.Sc. in Dietetics and Nutrition. Her most important accomplishments to date have been her four children. Billy is attending Columbia University, completing a Masters of Real Estate Development in New York. Shauna joined Diamond in 2007 and is the Placement Manager. Benjamin is a Sales Executive for Diamond Global Recruitment Group. Jesse is attending Dalhousie University in Halifax. Her partner in life is Fred Guth, a builder and developer.

Throughout the years, Audrey has committed to helping others through supporting various not-for-profit organizations. She has been working with the Out of the Cold Project, Therapeutic Clown Program for Sick Kids as well as active involvement with the Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Diversity.

Audrey has also designed, implemented and acquired permanent funding for Healthiest Babies Possible, an outreach program for high risk pregnant women in the City of Toronto, Department of Public Health. 

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  1. hello! you are very inspiring person! you really touches lives of people. I admire you so much. More Power to Diamond Personnel. God Bless

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