Creative Nanny Cam disguise ideas…

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By Alina Bradford

In photography, the best way to get candid footage is to film someone who doesn’t know they are being filmed. The same is true for filming with a nanny cam. The best way to get the most truthful footage is by hiding the fact that you are filming the person. The key to hiding your camera is with a great disguise. There is no need to make your own, though. Some of the most high-tech cameras on the market come with their own disguises. All you have to do is choose which one works best for your home.

One of the most common disguises for hidden cameras is the alarm clock. In fact, the cameras with the most features and highest resolution tend to be hidden in some form of clock. The lens of the camera peeks through the front of the clock, but is cleverly hidden by the plastic casing.

If you want to do your monitoring in a bedroom, this is one of the best camera disguises. Of course, it may stick out in a baby or toddler’s room, because they really don’t have any use for an alarm clock, do they? For rooms with younger children, it would be best to choose another camouflage idea.

IPod Speakers
The iPod speakers camera is one disguise that would work in a baby’s room or any room in the house. They are usually a fully functioning iPod dock and speakers, so if the nanny decides to turn on some music, her suspicions won’t be raised when the dock doesn’t work. For the thrifty consumer, the duel-function of this type of hidden camera just may justify the expense of buying a camera to spy on your nanny.

Electric Outlet and Motion Detectors
Electric outlet and motion-detector disguises mount to the wall and look very inconspicuous. Most people don’t get up close and personal with a wall outlet or a motion detector, so there wouldn’t be any chance of them finding the camera.

The only downside is that the camera would be at plug height, which is normally a few feet off the ground. This means you’ll get a lot of footage of knees or buttocks. This may not be helpful in your quest for damming footage.

For the most effectiveness, make sure that the outlet or the motion detector actually works. If a nanny tries to plug something in or sees that the motion detector doesn’t come on when she passes by, that may raise her suspicions. Even worse, she may just throw the non-functioning item away.

Smoke Detector
In many areas, it is against the law not to have a smoke detector. So, a camera masked by a smoke detector cover wouldn’t be too suspicious. The only problem with this disguise is that these types of camera usually don’t work as functioning smoke detectors. This means that you’ll have two smoke detectors in the same room, which would look suspicious to anyone on the lookout for surveillance items.

On the other hand, smoke detector cameras are installed high on the wall, giving you bird’s-eye-view footage of the room.

The key to a good nanny cam disguise is finding one that has dual-functions and fits in seamlessly with its environment. Hopefully, this list has given you some good ideas for nanny cam disguises in your home.

Less people qualifying for live in caregiver program…

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To those in the industry, the confirmation that there are less people entering the Live-In Caregiver program is not a surprise, but Immigration Minister Jason Kenney disclosed this information in an article recently posted here on

The government also is expecting a decline in the number of people who come to Canada as part of the live-in caregiver program “because fewer people are qualifying,” he said.

The overall point of the article is to stress the positive moves the Conservative government is making to shape the type of immigrants that Canada welcomes.  However, we are still seeing a vital, urgent and necessary need for child care solutions in Canada ignored.


In fact, we’ve found that families are being denied access to sponsorship for trivial reasons and are generally being given the run-around by Service Canada.

One thing for sure is that the demand for Live-In Caregivers has not decreased.  Agencies represented by the Association of Caregiver and Nanny Agencies Canada (ACNA) still report that the demand is far outweighing the supply of locally available candidates.  Overseas sponsorship is becoming even less of an option to fill the lack of labour already in Canada because of timelines that typically double the posted processing times on Citizenship and Immigration’s website.

It can also be argued that maybe caregiver from outside of the country are choosing other places to go in the world because of the dysfunctional nature of the Canadian Live-In Caregiver program.  Once finished a 24 month program (required to be completed within 48 months), there are currently 36 months of processing to finalize Permanent Residency, and even more time if they are sponsoring family members.  You read that right: it takes 3 years of processing after completing a two year program here.

Despite backlash from caregiver groups and advocated, culminating in a large meeting in Mississauga, Ontario earlier this year, the government has broken promises and ignored the community it relied upon for support in the last Federal election.

Canadian families feel they are also being ignored when the need for these caregivers is absolutely crucial and their government representatives are doing nothing to ensure that supply meets the demand.