What type of nanny should I hire…

Extracted from – http://www.enannysource.com/find-a-nanny/nanny-live-in-live-out.aspx


Deciding what your needs are first will help you find the right nanny. There are several different kinds of work arrangements, depending on your needs:

  • Live-in nannies
    Many families, especially those with larger homes or who have longer and/or sporadic hours, offer live-in positions. Typically you would offer the nanny a room that may have a separate entrance or a guest house. Most live-in nannies are younger, new to an area and/or do not have a family of their own. College students are ideal candidates if you have children who are in school, as her schedule will likely fit with yours. Live-in nanny article

    Live-in nannies should be offered room and board, and monetary compensation. Since live-in jobs can vary so much, it’s important to define the role up-front, to ensure that you communicate what the requirements are and what kind of workload you expect. Many families provide the usage of a car with a live-in job.

  • Live-out nannies
    Most nanny positions are live-out, which affords more freedom for a nanny who has her own family or some other outside responsibility. She is employed for a set number of hours and paid a weekly salary. Live-out nannies are almost always required to own their own cars except in some urban areas where this isn’t customary (NYC for example).Choosing a live-in or live-out nanny article
  • Full-time nannies
    Although it generally means 40-45 hours per week, “full-time” is not necessarily 9 to 5. Pre-school children or babies will typically require early morning to dinner hour. But school age kids may require care later in the day, when the nanny picks them up from school and helps them with homework.
  • Part-time nannies
    Since most nannies want full-time work, part-time nannies are in very high demand. If you only need someone part-time, try partnering with another family with the same needs and working your schedules so that, between the two families, the nanny works full time. Part-time nanny article

No matter what type of nanny position, they still all share the same general duties: caring for the children, cleaning up after them and meeting their physical and emotional needs while the parents are away.

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