Is a nanny right for your family?

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Quality childcare is sadly difficult to find in many communities. Because of this situation, many new parents quickly realize a very difficult part of raising their children is figuring out when and how to trust their children in someone else’s care.

It’s important to note that children do not benefit from spending all their time with only their parents. Even though they are your children, it is important to see that your children are exposed to other nurturing caregivers. At the same time, spending every waking moment with your young child will not make you a better parent, because adults need a variety of experience and stimuli to stay well balanced. A parent who works, plays, spends time alone, and has a chance to pursue his or her interests outside the home will always make a more suitable role model than one who is constantly exhausted with the very trying role of child rearing.

Whether you work full time or are a full time homemaker, finding suitable childcare will be an important step in bringing up your children. Institutional daycare and after-school programs offer helpful options. Like regular schools, they teach children valuable lessons concerning sharing and getting along with other people, as well as basic coordination and life skills. However, it is difficult to get to know every member of the staff personally, and, in many cases, it is often difficult for every member of the staff to get to know your child personally as well.

If you only need childcare for a few hours a week, you might be thinking about hiring a local babysitter instead of enrolling your child in a daycare program. Hiring a babysitter works in some situations, especially if you have to attend to an unplanned event and simply need someone to watch your child for a few hours. However, it’s difficult to make a babysitter understand the nuances of your child’s behavior, and to get a temporary babysitter to provide the kind of nurturing care that your child needs on a regular basis.

For competent, attentive, and personal care on a regular basis, many people find that hiring a nanny is a great option. Most nannies are professional child caregivers and are looking for steady work, whether it is full-time, part-timelive-in, or for a designated period only, such as summer or holiday vacations. If you are looking for a nanny, you can specify that you require someone with his or her own transportation, someone who will live in your home and be on-call on select nights, someone who will prepare meals or tidy the house, and/or someone who can provide an educational program for you child.

Many nannies are certified in early childhood education or have experience in the health sciences. If you are looking tofind a nanny, you may find that he or she knows even more about children than you do, and will be able to offer you advice and help when your child experiences problems adjusting at school or in the neighborhood.

Since a nanny offers personal, nurturing childcare services in your home on a regular basis, you may find that hiring a nanny is the best solution to your childcare needs. Whatever decision you make, be sure to discuss the options with your spouse, older children, and close family members before making your final choice. When it comes to childcare, the most comfortable situation for you and your family will always be the best one. eNannySource offers families and nannies the ability to post or find nanny services throughout the United States.

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