What to do before your nanny starts

Extracted from – http://www.enannysource.com/Family/NannyJobStarting.aspx

Your Nanny has accepted your nanny job offer, and you’re both ready to get started. You’re getting a valuable service from this nanny. Before her first day alone with the children, make sure you give her as much information as possible so that you both feel comfortable with your expectations. Use this checklist to get started:

  • Do an extended nanny training period.
    Ideally, you or your current nanny should work side-by-side with your new hire for at least two to three days (one-two weeks preferable). Provide as much detail as possible; every child is unique and when the nanny understands their tastes and preferences she’ll forge a happier relationship.
  • Provide the nanny with a written schedule with details.
    Most children are on a daily schedule, so write it all down and post it in a convenient place. If you prefer that the nanny follow the child’s instinct and not stick to a set of rules, then try to offer at least a basic description of a typical day so she understands how to meet the child’s needs.
  • Describe the child’s diet.
    Describe or make a list of foods that are typical for each meal. What foods are unacceptable (sweets, soda)? Are there certain foods to encourage? How many snacks are permitted; when and what are they? Be sure to also let her know if there are any allergies to food.
  • Provide the nanny detailed information about naps and bedtimes.
    If the nanny is responsible for putting a child to bed at night or down for naps during the day, let her know the best way to approach it in order to avoid struggles. What time does s/he go down? Where? What method works best: Rocking? Putting the child down awake or asleep? Does s/he need a story or a bottle to fall asleep to? What are the favorites? Should she lie down with the child?
  • Tell the nanny what games or activities are recommended.
    Play time is great when it involves burning off energy and getting exercise. It may not be so great if you want to discourage TV or video games. Be clear about what activities are condoned and which are forbidden, and definitely show her where the nearest parks are. For school age kids, it’s important to tell her when homework should be done, how much playtime is allowed with friends, and whether or not they should be accompanied on outings.
  • Make sure all contact and emergency numbers are posted.
    Besides work and mobile numbers for each parent, you should also have the numbers of any other nearby relatives, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles. Each child’s pediatrician and the local fire, police and poison control numbers should be handy.
  • Sign a nanny contract
    Before your new nanny begins work be sure that you have agreed on the nanny salary , benefits and most importantly put it in writing using a nanny contract.

No matter what type of nanny position , they still all share the same general duties: caring for the children, cleaning up after them and meeting their physical and emotional needs while the parents are away.

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