Defining your nanny’s job

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You’re probably eager to start your nanny search and hire a nanny right away. But before you post your nanny position and start interviewing, there are a few things to consider:

  • Make your profile stand out to nannies.
    Make your profile on the site appealing enough to attract good nannies. Fill out the descriptions as thoroughly as possible so they get a real sense of you and your family. Make sure that the nanny salary you are offering matches the job requirements, and be sure to upload a photo of you and your children. It’s important to keep in my mind that good nannies are in demand and can get hired quickly!
  • Define the nanny’s salary.
    If you haven’t already discussed pay, be sure to read our articles on nanny Salary on the site. Nannies with more experience or education will require more pay, while young nannies who are just getting started might not charge as much. You should also discuss vacations (yours and hers) and holidays, and whether or not you will offer pay in each situation.
  • Are you paying her nanny taxes?
    Decide ahead of time if you will be deducting income taxes from her paycheck and if the stated nanny salary is before or after those taxes and just which taxes you will be deducting per the law. If you choose not to take income taxes out, be sure to let the nanny know that she is responsible for paying taxes on her income. Find about more about nanny taxes on our site so that you stay in compliance with the law.
  • Offering your nanny medical benefits?
    Do you plan to offer paid health insurance? If not, you should consider offering a bit more salary to compensate her for this. Even if the job is just on a short-term basis, such as a summer nanny job or temporary nanny position, you can still get a plan to cover the nanny during that time. Check with the International Nanny Association (INA) for more information (
  • Define the nanny’s duties.
    Decide ahead of time what the nanny will be responsible for: what chores she will do, how the driving situation works (and how to compensate her for mileage if she uses her own car), whether she will cook and do laundry for the children, help with homework, housekeeping, etc.
  • Set the hours and schedule before you begin interviewing nannies
    Definitely discuss upfront the hours she’ll be working. If you want a live-in nanny who is “on-call” at any time of the week, make sure you compensate her in some way or that it is clearly stated. Finding a nanny for your family

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