13 things your nanny won’t tell you….

Extracted from – http://www.rd.com/slideshows/13-things-your-nanny-wont-tell-you/

1. Being a nanny is a profession.

Please treat me as you would other professionals. Some people treat their plumbers with more respect than their nannies. I’m making sure your child is safe and cared for—is there anything more important?

2. Don’t tell me that I am part of your family and then ask me to work overtime.

Just because I work in your home doesn’t make me part of the family. This is my job—which means I deserve basic rights, such as sick time, overtime pay, holidays, and at least a day off a week.

3. I’m a nanny, not a housecleaner.

Sometimes I clean parts of your home because I simply cannot stand the filth. But this is not my job. Hire a housecleaner if you need one: I am here for your child.

4. Live-in nannies need a room of their own.

Some couples actually expect me to share a room with their baby—or worse, to share a bed with their child. We need a space of our own. And like parents, we function better on a good night’s sleep. Sharing a room is not good for the baby either, as nannies may be using perfume or hairspray or other things bad for babies to breathe.

5. Don’t tell me to help myself to anything I want in the kitchen and then scream at me when I eat a few bites of your imported chocolate sauce—loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

If there are foods I shouldn’t touch, tell me. I will respect your boundaries, but you need to be clear with me.

6. We need medical authority in case of emergency.

If your child has an accident while you’re not home, I can take her to the hospital but I cannot authorize treatment without your permission. Please let me know where the nearest hospital is, how to get there fastest, who the child’s doctors are, and give me a note granting me medical authority in an emergency. I hope I won’t need it but accidents happen.

7. Trust me.

If you’ve hired me through a reputable agency, I’ve undergone a police background check. And I don’t mind at all if you do your own criminal background check on me—I know how important it is. But do not go through my wallet while I am in the next room to check my ID. That is inappropriate.

8. In most states, we are not protected by labor laws.

While New York just passed a new bill of rights for domestic workers, in most states it’s up to you to treat us fairly. New York actually passed a law to ensure that horses pulling carriages in Central Park got one day off a week before they passed a law granting domestic workers the same right. Help us get fair treatment everywhere. In some countries, nannies get maternity leave and healthcare.

9. Don’t hover over us.

If you are home while I care for the kids, please allow us uninterrupted time to play together. I can’t create a relationship with your child if you’re in the same room. The child must learn to trust me, and that won’t happen if you’re there all the time doing things for her.

10. If it’s my day off, it’s my day off.

Don’t send your child to my room when you get tired of playing with her.

11. Communicate clearly and openly with me.

Tell me what things scare your child, which things make you uncomfortable, and anything you think might be relevant to my care of your child. If you don’t want your child doing something, let me know.

12. Let me know what your child does on my days off.

It’s good for me to know what your child has been doing over the weekend, and if anything upsetting happened, so we can talk about it. If I know that she saw The Lion Kingand it gave her nightmares, I can be understanding and respond appropriately.

13. I love my job.

I’m helping another human being to form and grow and develop interests and that’s incredibly fulfilling. The kids are the most wonderful part of the job. But parents are often the worst.

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