Activities for nannies and kids

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Kids Activities

Activities for children can help parents, nannies, babysitters and kids enjoy their time together. Below is a list of children’s craft activities and songs. There are literally hundreds of ideas to entertain children. Here are just a few to get you started.

Children’s Craft Activities

Activity Items needed
Seaside Scene paint, shells, sand and glue
Animal costumes cut-out ears and tails for any array of animals and stick on with hairclips and tape!
Animal masks cardboard, crayons, glitter, feathers, fine elastic
Funny faces paper plates, paint, glitter
Easter bunny ears headband with long pink and white ears!
Crocodiles egg cartons and lots of green paint
Bracelets froot loops threaded on fine elastic
Collage glue, paper, objects
Painting with rollers, stencils, brushes, stamps, sponges
Sticker pictures stickers (eg frogs, butterflies) on coloured paper
Stencils stencils, paper, paint and rollers
Self-portrait drawing of self-portrait OR trace around entire body lying on butchers paper
Playdough Make playdough from scratch together!
Under the Sea green paper background & shapes stuck on
Puppets upturned juice boxes, icy-pole sticks, decorations
Aeroplanes paper and markers
Necklaces pasta, paint, glitter, elastic
Pet rocks rocks, markers, stick on eyes
Treasure Hunt treasures (toy jewellery) & hiding spots!
Card-making paper, paint, photos
Shakers little plastic juice bottle, filled with rice

Indoor Activities for Children

  • Reading to each other, telling stories.
  • Singing along and changing lyrics
  • Dancing to different music, your choice, their choice!
  • Music with kitchen implements!
  • Board & card games
  • Dress ups
  • Hide and seek
  • Indoor cubby house
  • Play dough making
  • Bubble blowing
  • Teddy Bear Picnic
  • Bus rides inside big boxes
  • Pretend camping with indoor tent
  • Indoor sports in the hallway (ten pin bowling with plastic cups)
  • Pretend school with rows of toy students.

Outdoor Activities for Children

  • Sand and water play
  • Treasure hunt
  • Getting muddy in the backyard!
  • Painting outdoors, roller with water on the fence
  • Gardening with herbs, watering together
  • Visit parks, go for a stroll
  • Bike rides, scooter rides
  • Ball games
  • Teddybears picnic at the park

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