Writing a nanny job description

Extracted from – http://nanny.lifetips.com/tip/125475/nanny-jobs/nanny-jobs/writing-a-nanny-job-description.html


Before you can begin interviewing and screening potential nannies for a nanny job, you should sit down and write out a detailed nanny job description. This description should address all of the issues surrounding your nanny’s employment. The following suggestions will help you get started.

  1. Expectations-Make a list of all the expectations surrounding a nanny’s job. These will include duties regarding the children and any additional household chores you would like to include in the nanny employment agreement.
  2. Pet peeves-Although they may seem trivial, pet peeves can damage the relationship between employer and nanny, so it’s always a good idea to lay everything out beforehand.
  3. Work schedule-You should be prepared to give a detailed work schedule, including work hours per day and off days.
  4. Vacation leave and paid holidays-Include the amount of time and specific holidays that will be covered under this nanny employment topic.
  5. Benefits-Insurance, vehicle usage, and other issues may need to be addressed.
  6. Termination or resignation notice-How should these issues be handled.

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