20 Nanny and sitter tips…

Extracted from – http://motherknows.com/blog/2011/07/20-best-nanny-and-sitter-tips/


Our guest-post for today comes courtesy of Shara Lawrence-Weiss from the excellent MommyPerks blog. A favorite of ours here at MotherKnows thanks to the great perks, giveaways and excellent content! Thank You Shara!

Summer is here. Mom and Dad sometimes want to get some free time and getting a nanny/babysitter comes to mind to get ready for that perfect time away. Here are some tips to help you find, manage and make this an enjoyable experience for all involved. Here are some great tips for parents and nannies:

Tip #1: Parents – your child(rens) opinion of their caretaker matters. Be sure to select someone that everyone feels safe & comfortable with.

Tip #2: Have you considered a caregiver or nanny personality assessment? It helps!

Tip #3: 6 simple solutions for helping the kids to get along (nannies and sitters can use these ideas, too!).

Tip #4: Parents – If you can’t find a nanny or sitter in your neighborhood/church, etc, use a safe searching database to locate a match-up.

Tip #5: Driving tips for those caring for someone else’s children

Tip #6: Nannies can Google “Nanny Play Groups” in order to locate others with whom they can meet, chat, engage, play, etc.

Tip #7: Parents – Be sure you set the boundaries from day ONE. Phone? Food? Driving? Activities? Computer use? Don’t leave the rules up in the air.

Tip #8: Nannies – Only take a job that you feel you’ll be successful at. If you don’t agree with the family morals/values, don’t work for that family.

Tip #9: Nanny and Parents – Consider a probation period for EACH party. If things don’t work out after one month – no hard feelings. Part ways amicably.

Tip #10: Nannies – When preparing meals, be sure to include healthy options, according to the family’s dietary needs. Excess sugar = trouble for everyone.

Tip #11: Parents – It’s unlikely that your nanny will want to spend all time indoors. She/He will need a vehicle so the kids can get out & explore.

Tip #12: Nannies – Be sure you have arrangements set up when taking the kids out. Who will pay? You? Parents? Do you have an allowance? Petty cash fund?

Tip #13: Parents – Select a nanny that meets the needs of the family over-all. Do you want someone crafty? Artistic? Sweet? Loving? Funny? Define your needs.

Tip #14: Nannies – Find other nannies on twitter like @MeetNannyP – converse, share and support each other.

Tip #15: Parents – Consider the payment you offer and take into consideration the needs of your nanny. Gas $? Spending $? Savings? Dental & Medical? Budget accordingly.

Tip #16: Nannies – Your job is a tough one. For me…being a nanny/sitter got me ready to parent my own kids. TOTALLY worth it.

Tip #17: Parents – Use a site like www.care4hire.com to search for a caregiver.

Tip #18: Nannies – You’ll likely get attached to the kids. Remember to separate when needed. The parents are still the parents

Tip #19: Parents – Do you trust your nanny/sitter? Give him/her room to direct and engage with your kids. Don’t hover. That undermines their role.

Tip #20: Nannies – More than anything kids want to play, make crafts, laugh & explore. Set up their environment for this any time possible!

Plus an extra one from us:

Tip#21: Share the basic health information of your children and also leave some emergency contact with your sitters and nannies, just in case is needed. We’ll soon help you do this with us!



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