10 stories that teach kids to share – Good resource for nannies

Extracted from – http://www.nannyjobs.org/blog/10-stories-that-teach-kids-to-share/


Stories are a way to teach and reinforce concepts to children and adults. We remember things much better when they come to us in story form. Here are ten stories that can be used with children of a variety of age groups to help reinforce the importance of sharing with others.


  1. Old Mr. Rabbit’s Thanksgiving Dinner by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey This classic story can be found in the ‘Compassion’ section of “The Book of Virtues”.  The story tells of how Old Mr. Rabbit is stirred with compassion as he realizes the abundance that he has in comparison to his woodland neighbors and chooses to share, rather than keeping it all for himself.
  2. Stone Soup This classic folk tale has also gone by other names, depending on the culture. Its basic premise is that of a stranger coming into a town where everyone is hiding and hoarding their own food. He tricks them into each contributing something to his pot of ‘stone soup’. The lesson being that when the villagers share, they all have a much better dinner than when they keep their food to themselves. Every elementary age child should have the opportunity to learn from this story at some time during their life.
  3. Mine! Mine! Mine! by Shelly Becker In this short story, Gail refuses to share her toys with her cousin until her mother steps in and teaches her a lesson on sharing.
  4. The Don’t Touchables! From Big Idea Books, ( the Veggie Tales people) If your kids like the Veggie Tale characters, they love this story that teaches kids the importance of sharing with one another. It is part of the Mess Detective Series.
  5. Share and Take Turns by Cheri J. Meiners This is Book 1 in the Learning to Get Along Series. This short story can be purchased in paperback or in a Kindle addition and is geared towards preschoolers.
  6. Thank you, Pooh! A Little Golden Book This story about the lovely little Pooh, teaches sharing in both big and small ways as it also applies the concept to recycling what we don’t need so that others can re-use it.
  7. The Berenstain Bears Learn to Share By Stan and Jan Berenstain The familiar bear family teaches another lesson for children as Brother and Sister are taught the value of sharing in this little book.
  8. It’s Mine! By Leo Leonni A couple of green frogs are the main characters in this lesson on sharing that communicates well to all ages.
  9. Barney: Sharing is Caring! on DVD. Stories to have come in book form anymore. DVD’s do a great job of presenting stories to children too. This story with the popular purple dinosaur, Barney is a great way to teach sharing to children.
  10. Berenstain Bears: Kindness, Caring and Sharing on DVD. Another sharing story that can be popped into your DVD player and watched over and over again by young viewers. The Berenstain bear family will reinforce the concepts of sharing and kindness in a very positive way.


These are just a sampling, of course, of the many books and DVD’s that are available to help teach kids the valuable lesson of learning to share with others.

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