10 Expenses no nanny should have to pay herself

Extracted from – http://www.nannyjobs.org/blog/10-expenses-no-nanny-should-be-expected-to-pay-herself/

In dealing with financial responsibilities, you will need to decide what is expected of your nanny. Below is a list of ten expenses that nanny’s should not have to pay for, while on the job for their families:

  1. Family’s vacation expenses – Nannies should be given an all expense paid trip to accompany a family on vacation. Even when the family goes to restaurants to eat, ice cream shop for a cone or a movie. Your nanny is there only because you have requested it of her. If she wants to buy little mementos, that of course is up to her to take care of.
  2. Gas used driving kids – If at all possible, a nanny should have use of one of the family’s cars.  At no time should a nanny be expected to put gas in the car using her credit card or cash. A specialized credit card or cash envelope (“petty cash”) should be set aside in the event that gas will be needed. The nanny should be expected to turn in receipts for money spent on gas. She should also turn in mileage.
  3. Groceries – Groceries are a necessity in any household. A nanny should not be financially responsible for items needed by the family. If part of the nanny’s job is to shop for groceries, a list should be given, and a credit card or cash should be provided.
  4. Some medical expenses – If a nanny injures herself on the family’s property while she is on duty, the family would be responsible to cover her medical expenses. If possible a family should have a nanny on their insurance policy or provide one for her.
  5. Kid’s activities – Many children are a part of soccer, T-ball, brownies, etc. Many of these activities have a financial expectation. Often times, nannies are asked to shuttle the kids to and from their particular events. If there are expenses incurred attending the activities, a nanny should not have to pay for these out of her own pocket.
  6. Kid’s treats – In some neighborhoods, the ice cream man still drives through enticing children and adults to purchase his ice cream. An envelope of cash should be set a side for these occasions. The nanny should tell parents when this takes place. Financial accountability is important when dealing with a petty cash type envelope.
  7. Cell phone – Purchasing a cell phone for a nanny is important. The phone should have photo and texting capabilities. You should always have immediate access to your nanny while she is on duty. You would be providing her with a work phone. Personal calls/texts should not be made on this phone.
  8. Any household bill – Whether it is a delivery fee or money needed to pay your lawn mower, it is not nanny’s job to make sure that this is covered. The parents should know when their lawn is to be mowed, so money can be set aside to take care of this cost. When a surprise delivery charge arises, the petty cash envelope should be used. A receipt to show the cost of the specific amount should be placed in the envelope.
  9. Dry cleaning – Most nannies aren’t going to have a closet filled with dry clean only items. If a nanny lives in a cold climate, she will most likely own a wool coat. Her employer should provide any dry cleaning needs for her essential items.
  10. Clothing/Shoe replacement – Children can be rambunctious. A nanny’s worn out clothing often represents someone who is interacting with kids and enjoying their job.

In dealing with the nanny’s financial responsibilities, the employer must evaluate all of a family’s activities. She should never be expected to pay for anything out of her personal funds…even if she is promised a fast return. It could become too easy to neglect placing cash in your petty cash envelope. A nanny should never have to worry about where the money is coming from for an upcoming event.

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