6 things to consider before hiring a nanny

Extracted from – http://www.nannystories.net/2011/10/babysitter-background-6-things-you-should-consider-before-hiring-a-nanny-2/


How to hire a nanny, how to research the babysitter background, how to make sure the person is well-qualified for the job and deserves your trust. Few things can produce more anxiety in parents than hiring a stranger that will enter their home and will spend time with their kids unsupervised by anyone. Unfortunately you don’t have a whole HR department working to ensure that the applicants have clean criminal records and sufficient employment history. But if you put enough time and effort in researching the babysitter background, you can get the job done yourself. There are 10 things you can consider before hiring a nanny that will reduce your stress and will make you feel more comfortable with your choice

1 Define the type of caregiver you are looking for-personality characteristics, approximate age, experience, child rearing philosophies, flexibility of schedule, benefits and compensation that would be satisfactory for them. Make sure that the type of caregiver you are looking for will be appropriate for your family environment, kid’s personality, schedule and special needs.

2 Level of trust-how you know the applicant seems to be important for the initial level of trust you can have. Reputable nanny agencies that do pre-employment screening are expected to have more reliable nannies than private individuals posting their ads in the local newspaper. People from your close circle of family or friends and even neighbors or fellow church goers inspire more trust than total strangers. However just because the applicant was referred by a co-worker or a friend does not mean she/he should receive less scrutiny. The babysitter background should be checked no matter who made the recommendation

3 The initial interview– the first impression is important but it can also be very misleading. The candidate’s dependability, strengths and weaknesses could rarely be discerned from an initial interview. However if you got the feeling that they are nice, reliable, with good communication skills and you are still interested in using their service, then proceed to the next step-researching the babysitter background

4 Using employment application is very important with the initial interview. This is how you take all necessary information-name, date of birth, Social Security Number, driver’s

license number. A written permission to do a background check signed by the applicant is highly recommended. If the applicant refuses to cooperate, then you should rule her/him out as a potential hire

5 The babysitter background– this is the time when you act as your own HR department that has to make sure the information provided is accurate and true. A few online people search websites offer a very cheap way to do a thorough and in-depth background check by entering only the first and last name of the person of interest.

6 Second interview-if the background check is passed and the applicant has clean criminal record, then you should proceed to the second interview when your children should be present.

Clearly formulating your job requirements, doing 2 interviews and conducting babysitter background investigation between the interviews are important factors in the hiring process. Remember that you are about to let a new person have unsupervised control in your own home over your kids. So the only way to reduce your anxiety is to do the hiring process and the background check the right way.

By: Irena Bocheva

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