Guide on how to become a nanny in Canada

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Nannies, as well as other domestic workers, are in high demand in Canada. Being a nanny is a busy but enjoyable and rewarding occupation if work with children is in your blood. However, to be a perfect Canadian nanny, you also need an adequate level of education, training certificates, fluency in English and/or French, and certain skills.

The Live-In Caregiver Program 
In case you live outside the country and are interested in working as a nanny, you may apply for the governmental program called “The Live-In Caregiver Program”. It offers foreigners live-in caregiver positions, i.e. to live in theiremployer family’s home and take care of kids, the elderly or disabled individuals. If you apply for this program and get approval, you can live and work in Canada for a period of two years. After this period, you can apply for permanent residence. Nannies from all over the world live and work in Canada as a result of the special conditions placed by the Canadian government within its immigration policy which concern domestic workers and nannies in particular. However, all applicants are carefully screened and most successful ones have a university degree in health care or education.

Via Reputable Agency

Besides “The Live-In Caregiver Program”, you can use the services of a reliable agency as a large number of Canadian families prefer to hire nannies working with reputable agencies.

Step 1 – Find Agency
Find a trustworthy, legally operating agency known for taking care of both, the family’s needs and nanny’s needs. Thus, you will be sure that the agency would direct you to a good and suitable family. Remember: never pay the agency any money, they get their commission from the employer.

Step 2 – Prepare Documents
As all agencies do the entire paperwork and the applicants’ screening, you need to prepare all necessary papers, such as:

* Valid identifications;
* Education and training certificates; fluency in English and/or French is mandatory and you need to provide a certificate;
* Resume;
* Letters of recommendation or references from your former employer or employers; preferably showing your ability to work with children;
Driver’s licence;
* Immigration papers if you are a non-Canadian citizen;
* Telephone and email address you are available at are also a must;

Step 3 – Get Required Skills
Prepare to meet the minimum employment term which is one year of full-time work. You have to be proficient in First Aid or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). So, take lessons to get these skills if you have not done it before.

Step 4 – Get Your Mind into the Job
Stay flexible, as you might do household work like dishwashing, light cleaning and laundry.

The Hottest Spots for Canadian Nannies 
While looking for nanny positions in Canada, keep in mind the hottest spots for nannies are in the country The capital city of OttawaTorontoVancouver – the British Columbia’s largest city, Calgary and Edmonton – the major cities in AlbertaWinnipeg – the capital city of ManitobaMontreal in Quebec are the best places to show your nanny’s talents and skills.

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