Fun & educational activity ideas for nannies to do with children

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It is important that children are not merely left to their own devices in front of the TV during the day. This will only get them so far and their social skills are likely to be of a poor level when they go to school on their own and have to interact with teachers and other children. That is why it is so important for parents and nannies alike to get children to partake in educational and interesting activities.

My own mother was a nanny (more a childminder) so I have had firsthand experience, and also perspective, of seeing the kind of activities she conducted with the children. In this article I have a look at some of the best activities to ensure your child’s mind is being tested and not allowed to fester in front of the television.


This is an activity that can be messy for all involved but this is nonetheless a great way to get children interested in healthy eating, working with others and seeing the results of putting some hard graft in. Over the years I have seen my mother make some unhealthy snacks that aren’t all that good for oral hygiene with the kids like cupcakes, flapjacks and gingerbread men, but I have also seen her go for the more healthy option in creating food like salads, soups and stews. If there are other children involved then this is an important means for children to get used to working with others, and the sense of accomplishment achieved once the finished product is shown to others and devoured makes all the mess worthwhile.

Painting and colouring in

Sure, your child may be no Van Gogh but painting and colouring in can be a great way to get a child’s creative juices flowing. Though, what may appear as a work of art to a parent may appear little more than a blob of blue paint on a sheet of white paper to someone else. This is a messy activity – don’t I know it – so it is advised that you get little ones to wear pinnies during the activity. Also, watch out to make sure your child doesn’t think it a good idea to eat the paint or use the paintbrush as a poking device on others. Make sure to be positive about the work your child produces so as to ensure they do not have any insecurity about expressing themselves.

Reading and writing

This may seem like an obvious one but this is something that can be left to the side when all a parent wants to do is relax after a hard day’s work. But reading and writing is so important to our way of life that I cannot stress enough the significance of taking time to read to your child at an early age and then encouraging them to read and write on their own as they grow up. I recently discovered that picture books are declining in popularity as parents seem to think such books are bad and that they should only go for books that don’t contain pictures. But I don’t think this is true. At an early age having pictures and words together is more likely to get your children interested in books, rather than merely having words which can appear dull. And let’s not forget the market that is graphic novels.

Play in the garden

Maybe I am jumping the gun in assuming that you have a garden. If you don’t then a trip down to the local park is another option, if not better. Playing out, if you rather, is an excellent way to get children to partake in exercise, as we all know how bad the statistics are when it comes to children’s obesity. If you go have more than one child playing together then this is a great way to get your child to learn the importance of cooperation and working with others. A fight to be next on the swings is an important way to teach your child how important it is to share and be receptive of others feelings.

Days out

Over the years I have witnessed my mother take children to the zoo, go down to local museums and even go down to the airport to watch the aeroplanes land and take off. Such activities can bring a great deal of excitement to your child. Rather than staying in all day it is a good idea to get your child out into the big bright world to experience what it has to offer. Though it can be costly, there is no doubt about that. But by looking around you can still find fun activities that don’t make too much of a hole in your pocket.

Watching television

What’s that, you recall me saying that you should not allow your child to sit in front of the TV all day? Well, I stand by that comment but there is nothing bad about allowing your child some time in front of the television. There are some good educational programs out there these days, as there is educational websites on the internet if you have access. Though, with such things, you want to keep it to a minimum.

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