10 famous nannies and why

extracted from – http://www.aupair.org/blog/10-famous-nannies-and-why-they-are-well-known/

There are famous athletes, and famous scientists, and famous world leaders, and doctors and poets and actors and money makers. They are all people who excel at what they do and are well-known for their excellence. Nannies are no different. Here is a list of 10 famous nannies who excel at their ability to love and care for children.

  1. Jo Frost is one of the most well-known nannies in the world today. As the star of the ABC television show, SuperNanny, “Jo-Jo” as she is lovingly called by the children in the families she “works” for, dishes out common sense advice to families and a national audience every week.
  2. Mary Poppins as a movie nanny, Mary Poppins probably set the standard for all future nannies. Not only did she take care of the children, she took care of the whole family. She was their friend and was so much fun.
  3. Nanny McPhee, of the 2005 movie of the same name is a well-known nanny who teaches a young movie audience the same lessons that she teaches a family of seven children when she is called upon by their father who needs help. By the end of the movie, typical happy ending, the audience realizes the emotional impact of her motto, “When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go.”
  4. Mrs. Doubtfire: Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee aren’t the only nannies who are full of tricks. Mrs. Doubtfire brings trickery to a whole new level as Daniel Hillard dresses up and pretends to be a nanny for his own children. While he takes good care of the children, his tricks are found out and unlike many other “nanny” stories, he does not end up marrying the children’s mother. He does, however reinforce a lesson of love.
  5. Nana: the Newfoundland dog in the movie Peter Pan is probably the most outrageous of the famous nannies. She is a huge cuddly dog who takes care of the Darling family children. She is unable to do her job when she is tied up and the children are taken away by magical pixie dust.
  6. Maria from The Sound of Music was an actual person who started her involvement with the Von Trapp family as their nanny. She, not only took care of the children, but also taught them how to sing and remain loyal to each other during one of the most difficult eras in modern history. Maria actually chose to give up her religious convictions to marry the children’s father and bring the family even closer together and proved that love conquers all.
  7. Alice was called the Brady Bunches’ maid, but she has many of the qualities of a nanny. She takes care of the children; she listens to them and gives them advice; she is the one everyone goes to when they have a problem to be solved. As a part of the family, Alice is so much more than a maid; she is a nanny.
  8. Charles: Turning the tables on the idea that a nanny has to be a woman, Scott Baio fromCharles in Charge played a live-in-babysitter, this time, not on the big screen, but on a television series. He worked for two different families (at different times) each which had three children.
  9. Tony Micelli: Keeping with the tradition of a male nanny, Tony Danza played the part of Tony Micelli and took care of his own daughter as well as the son of his employer. As a viewing audience for this 1984- 1992 sit-com, there was always the question of whether or not Tony would make a personal love connection with his boss like so many other nannies have.
  10. Famous Celebrities: Many to most celebrity actors and actresses employ nannies and while they appreciate the help they receive in caring for their children, they are not forthcoming with their names. Perhaps they like to keep the fame to themselves.

From young women, to old women, to men and even animals there is one thing these famous nannies all have in common: They love children!

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