Famous Nannies throughout History.

  • St Josephine Bakhita (1869–1947): a black slave who worked as a nanny and later became a Roman Catholic saint
  • Charlotte Bill (c. 1875–1965): known as Lalla, nanny of Prince John, son of King George V from 1905 until 1919, featured in the film The Lost Prince
  • Marion Crawford CVO (1909–1988): known as Crawfie, nanny of the future Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret
  • Margaretta Eagar (1863–1936): nanny to the four daughters of Tsar Nicholas II
  • Tiggy Legge-Bourke MVO (born 1965): nanny to Prince William of Wales and his brother Prince Harry
  • Jo Frost, nanny who hosted a successful television programme, Supernanny in the UK and US, showing parents techniques to help with unruly children
  • Deborah Carroll and Stella Reid, nannies from the show, Nanny 911 who have 27 and 20 years of experience respectively.
  • Lillian Sperling, nanny of the British royal family, and the head nanny of the show, Nanny 911.
  • Sandra Samuel (b. 1964): an Indian nanny who saved the life of a child during the November 2008 Mumbai attacks in which the baby’s two parents were murdered; later honored with honorary Israeli citizenship.

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