Risks of not using a reputable nanny agency – by ACNA Canada

Always use a reputable and established Nanny agency! Because you want an honest, thorough, ethical business partner to help you with the most sensitive of  decisions, you want an ACNA agency.  Finding a nanny is hard work. It is both time consuming and emotional. It may bring up fears  and insecurities in parents as they search for that special person who is going to care for their  child. This is a daunting task.  Nanny agencies are in every community, ready to help parents take on this important task.  Parents count on their experience and expertise to help them understand all aspects of hiring a  new “household employee.” But like all professions, there are excellent agencies and those who
are not as professional. There are no federal regulations for nanny agencies, so quality varies.  How do you know your nanny agency is going to be a comfort and support to you, and not a
source of even more anxiety? ACNA is a voluntary membership organization that establishes a  code of ethics and best industry practices for nanny agencies in Canada.  In your search for the perfect nanny, make sure that you are working with an ACNA agency.

15 potential risks you face when not using a reputable and established nanny agency:
1. high probability of unsuitable nanny candidates
2. difficult to stay in communication with agency
3. no post-placement information package for families
4. no post-placement information package for nannies
5. no follow up after placement for nannies or parents
6. absence of a written contract
7. little or no experience in the nanny industry
8. lack of professionalism or financial stability
9. non-existent standards or guidelines
10.insufficient references
11.danger of document falsification
12.no guarantee policy (re-placement) if the initial placement is unsuccessful
13.no local support during the placement
14.limited understanding of changing Federal Live-in Caregiver Program regulations
15.limited understanding of changing Provincial Labour Standards
16.not aware of new industry trends arising

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