Hi Nannies Take a Look at This Amazing Letter that We Received From a Nanny We Placed 6 Years Ago!…This is Why we Do What we Do :)

Dear Mam Audrey,

Hi Audrey, I am sure it is a busy day for you especially during this time of the year. I do hope that everything is going ok. As we always expect. By the way, I was at your office a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately I did not have a chance to see you. I did not want to approach you because I did not think it was good timing. One of your staff members called me and asked me to come down to your office to fill out some documents which I did.

How are you mam Audrey? I am hoping that everything is fine, including your children and the whole family who helps to run your business. I am sure that you are surprised to hear from me and you probably didn’t expect a letter from a previous applicant like me. Well I do not want to consider myself an applicant only , the truth is I feel like family with Diamond Personnel, the agency who is responsible for where I am, who I am and what I am now.  That is loyalty. I can hardly believe that I have been in Canada for 6 years.

For the past five years I have been blessed with many wonderful things that have happened in my life, needless to mention all of the remarkable employers that I have worked for. It has all been an amazing experience and this is all because of your wonderful agency that placed me with them.

I thank you and  your wonderful staff mam Audrey for helping me. I realized that we can all achieve our dreams if we just stick to it and believe in ourselves. This is the lesson that you taught me from my first to last orientation that I had with you 5 years ago. If I was given the chance to pass the message to all my coworkers, especially in Hong Kong and for the new applicants who also want to fulfill their dreams I would say to all of my friends and coworkers “please don’t hesitate to go to the number one agency, like my agency Diamond Personnel, they will never fail”.

Once again I want to thank you mam Audrey and all of your wonderful staff who have always been there for us when we needed the most support. I am grateful and it is my honor and pride to be a part of your well-known agency. I will always be faithful and never forget the agency that encouraged me so much to fulfill my dreams.

Respectfully Yours,

Rebecca H. Sison

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