Hong Kong Orientation February 2011

Dear Diamond Applicants,

 First let me take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.  We are very excited to embark on a new year full of opportunities and success.

 With all of the changes to the laws governing caregiver recruitment, many nanny agencies have disappeared and others have struggled to keep afloat with diminishing job orders.  Not Diamond!  With over 23 years of amazing service to Canada’s most discerning families, clients continue to use Diamond, the agency that delivers quality nannies parents can trust.  We are so proud to be voted the BEST NANNY AGENCY in Canada.  And we have been placing more nannies from Hong Kong than ever before!

 In full compliance with all laws, Diamond does not charge recruitment or immigration fees to nannies.  Our employers pay all costs associated with the sourcing and hiring of a live in caregiver including the cost of your airfare to Canada.   You will however, be responsible for the cost of your medical, police clearance and Canadian visa.

 If you are interested in applying to work in Canada as a live in caregiver, we invite you to review our list of requirements.  We recommend that you prepare all of the necessary documents ahead of our scheduled visit in February.   In order to be selected as a Diamond caregiver, you must truly be exceptional.  We are looking for professional, mature, trained caregivers with hands on experience.  We require current Canadian caregiver training available in Hong Kong through either the YMCA Hong Kong or the Canadian Caregiver Training Institute or any other program which provides current CPR and First Aid training and Child Safety courses.  Diamond is not affiliated with either of these programs and participation in a training program does not ensure placement through Diamond Personnel.   It is simply one of the requirements that must be met in order for you to be considered by our company as a Diamond quality candidate.

 We will be holding free orientation sessions in Hong Kong on Friday February 4th and Sunday February 5th

 at 9:30 am and 11:30 am sharp

at the Mira Hotel, 118 Nathan Rd. Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. 

 We will be available for individual interviews and assessments from Thursday February 4th through February 7th for those of you who have completed your requirements and have attended an orientation.  Please contact Mary at 416-730-8866 (m.buenviaje@diamondpersonnel.com)  to request an application and schedule your personal interview.

 Thank you for your interest and confidence in Diamond Personnel.  We will do everything in our power to find you the best family in Canada.

 Warm Regards,

 Shauna Guth

Placement Manager

76 Responses

  1. I’m willing to attend your free info session here in Hongkong this coming Feb. 6th 2011. Thank you Diamond Personnel.

  2. I’m willing to attend your free info session here in Hongkong thi coming Feb. 6th, 2011. Thank you Diamond Personnel.

  3. Ma’am
    I’m also interested to apply. Finished 6mths full time school training of caregiving under TESDA And Red Cross PHILIPPINES. Presently here in hongkong as dh at d same time caring 4 yrs old boy

  4. Dear diamond personnel,im very much interested to apply as live in nanny in your agency but i did not make it to attend your free orientation last february.Can you give me some information that can help for my application.
    Thank you very much.

  5. To whom it may concern:

    Hi! i am interested to attend the training session. I would like to inquire what are the schedules for the said training. I am new here in HK, I came from Singapore was working there for 4yrs took care of an old lady. I attended trainings there such as Elderly Care, Baby Care, First Aid and Nursing Aid.

    Please let me know because I am interested to apply for Canada hopefully after my 1 yr experience as a nanny here…

    Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon.

    Mariza Diez

    • Hi Mariza
      Diamond comes to Hong Kong every few months. We have just returned from our trip and will not be going back until November. Please attend our next orientation session. Closer to the date and advertisement with all of the trip details will be posted on our Facebook Page and our Nanny Blog. Keep an eye out for it. Thanks.

  6. dear diamond personnel im so much interested to apply but recently i didnt make to attend your orientation session…may i know when will be your next visit here in HONGKONG..hope to hear it soon…Godbless diamond

    • Hi Feliciana,
      We will be returning to Hong Kong in January, please attend that orientation, when I receive final details I will post all the information up. Thank you.

  7. hellow diamond personnel,
    im here again to ask for the complete requirements needed for me to prepare for your coming free info session in january…to submit immediately…thank you again daimond..im hoping for your response..
    more power!!!!!!

  8. Hello…i just want to ask the exact placement fee…otherwise i can prepare..:-) aNd it is necessary that i need to enroll first aid in YMCA? Thanks a lot and GOD BLESS:-)

  9. Good day diamondpersonnel!

    Can I ask an exact address your office in Hongkong and Telephone Number.

  10. Dearest diamond personnel,
    im gerlie sagun,an ex domestic helper in hongkong for 3 and 9 years in just one family.i just return home last september 18,2011 for good.now i am very much interested to pursue my career as a caregiver in canada.please tell me more info and if you are accepting applicants directly from philippines.i will wait for your reply thank you and more power.

  11. hello,
    i wanna ask if it is okay to apply here in the philippines as a caregiver to canada.i have a 3 years and 9 months dh experience in hong kong,i have a child care experience at the same time.i attended drug administration and drug safety seminar.

    • Hi Gerlie

      We are not hiring directly from the Phillipines, although you have had experience in Hong Kong, we only from their directly. You would have to go there and complete the training before applying to Canada. If you have any specific questions please contact Mary at +1-416-730-8866.

  12. Hi Diamond Nannie.. i would like to know if when is your next visit to HongKong? Appreciate your reply thank you!

  13. Last year i attended the orientation.. Now i would like to join in training and apply as a caregiver in Canada.. I working here in hongkong for 3 yrs.. I want to know where i can see your training center and whose person i contacted?

  14. Have a blessed day to all staffs of diamondpersonnel.
    I’m Josefina, DH here in hong kong, I have 4yrs. Experience in child care and from 2008 till present i’m working as a caregiver, of 94yrs. Old bedridden grandma. But I have 59units only madam, is it possible for me to apply in canada?
    Highly appreciated ur reply and suggestion madam.

  15. Thank you madam, God bless u and more power to DiamondPersonel!

  16. Hi Diam0nd Personnel..

    Have a blessed day to all. . . Im Rechiely Tilos,d0mestic helper here in h0ng k0ng for 6 m0nths n0w. .Im very much willing and interested to apply and work to canada as a nanny. . Am i qualified to apply n0w?what are tge requirments and how much it c0st?thank you.h0ping for your reply. . Godbles

  17. hi diamond how can i know your exsact address in hongkong?

  18. Have a blessed dayto all the staff of diamond nannie…! I am Jennifer 32 yrs old,married and i am from Philippines working here now in Hongkong for 3 yrs with same employer, iam taking care of a 2 childrens ages 3 and 5 yrs old and do all house chores.. I want to find job in canada as a nanny but i am wondering if i qualify coz i study in a Bible school and our school is independent school and not under by CHED. My course and i study for 2 yrs, graduate of Bachelor of Theology in Christian Education and my academic subjects are pure on theological. Do i qualify to apply as nanny in canada madam? I have plan to take a caregiving training program here in hk hoping that i could be qualify to apply also in canada…

    Thank you and God bless!

    • Hi Jennifer, unfortunately, your school must be certified by CHEDS. Should you attend a CHEDS-certified school in the future, you qualify to come and work in Canada. Best of luck!

  19. helow!!!!! how can i go there my holiday only sunday? and i hve employer already!!!!! pls help me! thankx

  20. hi! may i know when is your next sched for orientation here in hongkong? do i need to attend orientation before i submit my application in your office? pls. give me your exact address of your office as well as your phone number in hongkong. thank you! more power!

  21. hello, have a nice day. im janette varansuela, presently working here i hongkong and i would like to enroll in 6 months caregiving course. what are the requirements i need to bring for enrollment? hope you can help me. thank you.

  22. hi diamond personnel,im a nursing graduate im now 10mos in hk and im willing to apply going to canada for caregiver may i know ur office here in hk?thank u

  23. hi diamond…its me rose ..i want a live outjob if u hav any…like 600 a week..plus metro..thank u..hope the best…diamond..im proud i come from ur agency way back 2005..now im almost canadian citizens…waiting for the result test!!!godbless

    • Hi Rose,
      If you would like to find a job here in Toronto, we can definitely help! Contact us at 416-730-8866 and we can guide you from there. Good luck!

  24. Good day madam,

    I’m vernaliza g. Kibang. Willing to attend training to your school, so I would like to inquire if when is your next orrientation? I just came here last june26 and takecare of a new born baby, I want to apply in Canada as care giver after I finish my 2years contract here.madam pls be inform us for the next orrientat.ion And regarding also how much we pay and for the schedule for training.thank u and more power.

  25. Im interested in applying canda..im here in Hong Kong as of now..where can i find ur agency at tsin sha tsui….

    I heared that the feam is ciming this 24-26 and i want to do assesrrment and training ASAP..


  26. iza_decuan,i am interested to aply to ur agency, fluently speak french,english,arminian,working here in hong kong,taking care of twins 18months old boy.

  27. i just to ask if it’s true that applicants must have 72 units? Thnx..!

    • Hi Edelyn,
      Yes, you must have at least 72 credits.

      • Good day diamond..

        One more question, so meaning to say i don’t have a chance to apply in canada? Am a caregiver graduate,and i’ve been a private caregiver in phil in for almost 3 years,and now am in HK working as a DH, is there anything i can do to be qualified??


      • Hi there,
        Refresh our memory — how long have you been in Hong Kong for? If it has been for less than a year, then unfortunately you do not qualify by government standards.

  28. Hi!
    Please let me know when is your next visit here in Hongkong.


  29. Hello diamond personnel, I am willing to apply and work in Canada, I’m a registered midwife, with almost 2yrs experience in hospital, as of now I’m here in hongkong working to western family for 2yrs and 5months, and taking care of 2 children at the same time do all the household chores, I just want to ask if you have any up coming orientation here in Hk, I am willing to attend, and may I know all the requirements needed to apply as a nanny
    Or caregiver! Thank you so much, and more power!

  30. Good day diamond personel,,,
    I want to kn0w when is ur next orientati0n here in h0ng k0ng,,im a nursing graduate, i am very interested to apply please let me kn0w if u have an orientati0n this m0nth or maybe the following m0nth,,
    I’m already 9m0s in hk and i take cake 4yrs old boy. Thank u so much and god bless.

  31. Hello diamond personnel, I just want to ask how to apply in your agency. And what are the requirements? I cannot catch your orientation here in Hk. This coming thurs_sunday, I can’t leave the house early during my off, I’m worry I won’t be on time on your orientation day. Is there any option to apply in your agency as a nanny? Thanks you so much! Have a great day!

  32. Good day diamond personnel.I am willing to apply and work in canada i am a graduate midwife and board passer also.Now im working here in Hongkong for 2yrs.and 4 months taking care of 1child and doing also all the household chores.May i know your requirements and how can apply in your agency?Thank you so much.

  33. hi mam/diamond personel When are you going to hk for an orientation again?I’ll wait for your reply thanks

  34. good day!im here at hk for 5months now taking care of 4months old baby.am i qualified to attend ur orientation?what do i need to bring? I had 6months training as caregiver and rdd cross certificates. Unfortunately my documents are not with me now because i send it in the philippines for DFA authentication or rded ribbon.pls i need ur answer.and when is ur next visit here after july?thank u so much in advance.

  35. I would like to apply as a nanny in canada to your agency. I am a Physical Education teacher and currently work here in hongkong as domestic helper. God bless to your agency

  36. good day ma’am,im mars working in hongkong as a DH for almost 8yrs w/ the same employer.ma’am, i just want to ask if i’m qualified…i graduated 2 yrs vocational course w/ diploma and got more than 72 units TESDa accredited.is it possible for me to apply as a nanny in Canada?thank’s and more power!

  37. may iknow when will be the next interview here in hongkong?

  38. Dear diamond personnel, I am rosalinda saranillo I am very interested to apply as nanny for canada but how many months the requirements before i can apply because as of now almost 3 mos. I work here in hongkong I take care 8 mos. Old baby and if ever more mos. Is needed can I attend an advance yourcaregiver training program? And. kindly give me the complete address of yo

  39. To Whom It May Concern,

    I am currently working in Hongkong as a Nanny for 7 years now. I am interested to attend the free orientation and training which will be scheduled for this month. What are the requirements?
    Thank you so much and have a good day!

    Marilou Tripoli

  40. Dear Diamond
    Hello Good day! Im Lenybelle Dalisay a Caregiver graduate at UCTC Cagayan de Oro City branch and has completed PNRC Training with Basic First Aid and CPR. Unfortunately I wasnt able to attend your seminar the last time. And I am very much eager to come work and live in Canada. Im hoping if you can help me and can put me or include me on your next seminar schedule visit. Please let me know the exact details. Thank you and mor power to your company.
    Best regards,
    Lenybelle Dalisay

  41. Dear Diamond
    Hi good day! Im Lenybelle Dalisay a Caregiver graduate at UCTC Cagayan de Oro City and has PNRC training in Basic First Aid and CPR. Im willing to attend of your upcoming seminar as Im eager to come work and live in Canada. I hope your company can help me and include me in your list for the next seminar session. Please let me know full exact details. Thank you and more power.

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