A Note from one of our Nanny Angel Families

The Nanny Angel Network was a true blessing for us. In a difficult and confusing time, you were there for us. We had no idea how we were going to handle our 4 young children after the operation. The Nannies that you provided us were absolutely wonderful.  They showed up and made fast friends with the children, took them to the park, did arts and crafts (which my daughter Ashley LOVES to do), and played games with them.  It took the kids minds off what was going on at home for a few hours and gave them the attention they were missing and craving. It also allowed me to ‘catch up’ on some on home duties that were neglected (laundry, home cooked meals, cleaning, etc). 

Another thing that helped us was just being able to talk to Lynda and yourself. The two of you understood what we were going through and were voices of calm reassurance.  Something that was much needed. 

We thank you and Lynda and the wonderful nannies who selflessly donated their time, from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks so much,

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