On our way to Hong Kong!

Although the recession has been long and difficult for many people, we believe that Canada is well on the road to recovery. How do we know this? Over the past month Diamond jobs for nannies have tripled. This can only mean that things are getting better. WE NEED NANNIES!!

As the number one agency in Canada placing nannies from Hong Kong, we are proud to once again be voted the BEST NANNY AGENCY for 2009. As I have said many times, this award belongs to the many nannies we have placed who are truly the superstars of the industry.

We are coming to Hong Kong on July 31st-August 2nd to recruit more outstanding nannies like you that we have met over the years. We have many positions now. We are so excited to add more amazing nannies to our Diamond team. Check out our videos on YouTube to hear from women from Hong Kong who have moved to Canada..


For more info– a.guth@diamondpersonnel.com

-Audrey & Shauna

Learned something new today!

Just thought I’d Share this with you.. I love this story.

We recently matched a lovely nanny to an equally lovely Chinese family in the Toronto area. After an interview with the nanny, they were very happy and excited to get started. They just had one more step– a visit to their Feng Shui doctor to make sure they were a true match.

Shauna, our managing consultant, thought this was really cool, and so do I! When you hire a nanny, you are about to add a new dynamic to your family. You want to make sure she is right for you. Your nanny will love to learn about your cultural values, and will teach you a lot about hers as well!

That’s my Diamond moment of the week.


Big News: APNA membership

Jul 07, 2009 12:51 ET

Toronto Nanny Agency Named First International APNA Member

Diamond Personnel meets Association of Premier Nanny Agencies standards


TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – July 7, 2009) – Illegitimate practices highlighted the news have made Canadians skeptical of nanny agencies. If parents need live-in care, the agency of choice must be reputable. The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) provides parents and nannies with a database of agencies they can trust. The “APNA Seal” is awarded to agencies that provide the highest level of professional conduct and integrity. Toronto-based Diamond Personnel was recently named the first international member.

“Credibility of the agency is very important for parents. It is hard to judge based on a website or advertisement,” says Audrey Guth, president, Diamond Personnel.

“We are working in an industry, where the end user…a child, elder or nanny – may not be able to communicate their needs effectively,” said Ms. Daryl Camarillo, director of memberships, APNA. “Our member list takes the guesswork out of finding an agency parents and nannies can trust.”

Camarillo is the first line of defense in screening APNA applicants. She says the most common failures are due to an inconsistency of information presented to clients or nannies.

A board of directors further screens agencies for integrity and best practice, reserving the right to deny applicants. The APNA code of ethics covers issues from clearly defining labour laws to methods of interviewing parents and nannies. The “APNA Seal” covers all aspects of the nanny agency.

“Parents have been trusting us for over 20 years,” says Audrey Guth, president, Diamond Personnel. “We are proud to have the APNA logo on our website to further reassure our clients that they have come to the right place.”

Diamond Personnel has also recently won their 9th CityParent.com award for Best Nanny Agency in Toronto, voted by its readers. President Audrey Guth has been asked to advise the Minister of Labour on changes to ensure that vulnerable employees working under the Live-in Caregiverprogram are protected. These days, with limited daycare available, many parents require live-in care. Diamond Personnel has been helping Canadian families find the best personal home care since 1988.

Diamond has placed over 3,000 workers nationwide. Diamond head office is located in Toronto, ON.www.diamondpersonnel.com

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