Getting Started

An Orientation Process Designed to Create a Successful Relationship:


A great deal of time and energy goes into selecting the right caregiver for your children. Creating a relationship based on strong communication and a clear understanding of what is expected of each party will create a strong foundation for the relationship. An orientation session is an essential part of a successful partnership.

Nanny and baby

 Here are just some of the many steps that you can take in the orientation process to ensure that a successful relationship if formed.


–       A typical day. Making sure your nanny understands what a typical day is like for your children. Discuss their daily habits and possible changes to their schedule. Having a written copy of their routines is also a good checkpoint for the nanny.

–       Discussing individual interests with the nanny allows her to get to know the children faster. Having an understanding of the children’s likes and dislikes is a great way to improve communication.

–       Talk with your nanny about your children’s fears and things that make them uncomfortable.

–       Show your nanny around the house and explain what area’s are off limits and what areas are communal.

–       Explain how all appliances work and if she will be required to use them.

–       Discuss personal pet peeves. This way she knows and she will be happy to avoid them.

–       Take a picture of your children with the nanny and put it in a visible place so your children will view her as part of the family.


These are just a few ways to make the transition of a nanny into your home a smooth process. If you are interested in learning more about our orientation process shoot me an email:



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