Atin Ito: July Edition



TORONTO: Over 180 nannies from across the GTA gathered at the Guth residence last Sunday for the annual Nanny BBQ.  The party is held to celebrate the tremendous contribution nannies make to Canadian host families.

Diamond Personnel is the largest in-home staffing agency in Canada serving families from coast-to- coast. With over 3,000 foreign workers successfully placed Diamond Personnel continues to help foreign caregivers live and work in Canada. 

Hosted by Diamond Personnel president Audrey Guth at her family home, the Diamond staff and nannies came together to honor their trusted organization and service that has been part of Toronto’s community for over 20 years.

The day’s festivities included great food, musical entertainment and karaoke. With the weather reflecting the atmosphere of the event the day was filled with more than just sunshine.

“We are proud of our Diamond nannies everyday,” said Audrey Guth, president, Diamond Personnel.  “The BBQ is one of the ways we show them our appreciation for their hard work and commitment to helping Canadian families.”

The event allowed the nannies and the Diamond Personnel organization to take time to enjoy their co-workers and the respected service that they provide.

Diamond is committed to honoring their nannies and providing them with the support system that they need to enjoy their work and life in Canada. 

“I felt like I was at a close family gathering,” said Alan McLaren, guest at the party.  “The air was filled with respect for one another and a support system that mirrors a close extended family; makes you smile.”

Host of the event Audrey Guth is proud of her nannies and the reputation that they up-hold across the Country.




Diamond Group of Companies has helped Canadian families and businesses source exceptional foreign workers since 1988.  Diamond has placed over 3,000 workers nationwide.  Diamond head office is located in Toronto, ON.

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