Getting Started

An Orientation Process Designed to Create a Successful Relationship:


A great deal of time and energy goes into selecting the right caregiver for your children. Creating a relationship based on strong communication and a clear understanding of what is expected of each party will create a strong foundation for the relationship. An orientation session is an essential part of a successful partnership.

Nanny and baby

 Here are just some of the many steps that you can take in the orientation process to ensure that a successful relationship if formed.


–       A typical day. Making sure your nanny understands what a typical day is like for your children. Discuss their daily habits and possible changes to their schedule. Having a written copy of their routines is also a good checkpoint for the nanny.

–       Discussing individual interests with the nanny allows her to get to know the children faster. Having an understanding of the children’s likes and dislikes is a great way to improve communication.

–       Talk with your nanny about your children’s fears and things that make them uncomfortable.

–       Show your nanny around the house and explain what area’s are off limits and what areas are communal.

–       Explain how all appliances work and if she will be required to use them.

–       Discuss personal pet peeves. This way she knows and she will be happy to avoid them.

–       Take a picture of your children with the nanny and put it in a visible place so your children will view her as part of the family.


These are just a few ways to make the transition of a nanny into your home a smooth process. If you are interested in learning more about our orientation process shoot me an email:



Happy Canada Day!

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update to inform you that we will be taking our annual holidays the week of June 29th re-opening the office on the 6th of July.  We know this will be the first Canada Day celebration for many of your nannies.  Let’s make it special.  We tend to take our citizenship for granted but our nannies have worked very hard to be able to start a new life in Canada.  This is definitely a reason to celebrate!  Happy Canada Day,


Atin Ito: July Edition



TORONTO: Over 180 nannies from across the GTA gathered at the Guth residence last Sunday for the annual Nanny BBQ.  The party is held to celebrate the tremendous contribution nannies make to Canadian host families.

Diamond Personnel is the largest in-home staffing agency in Canada serving families from coast-to- coast. With over 3,000 foreign workers successfully placed Diamond Personnel continues to help foreign caregivers live and work in Canada. 

Hosted by Diamond Personnel president Audrey Guth at her family home, the Diamond staff and nannies came together to honor their trusted organization and service that has been part of Toronto’s community for over 20 years.

The day’s festivities included great food, musical entertainment and karaoke. With the weather reflecting the atmosphere of the event the day was filled with more than just sunshine.

“We are proud of our Diamond nannies everyday,” said Audrey Guth, president, Diamond Personnel.  “The BBQ is one of the ways we show them our appreciation for their hard work and commitment to helping Canadian families.”

The event allowed the nannies and the Diamond Personnel organization to take time to enjoy their co-workers and the respected service that they provide.

Diamond is committed to honoring their nannies and providing them with the support system that they need to enjoy their work and life in Canada. 

“I felt like I was at a close family gathering,” said Alan McLaren, guest at the party.  “The air was filled with respect for one another and a support system that mirrors a close extended family; makes you smile.”

Host of the event Audrey Guth is proud of her nannies and the reputation that they up-hold across the Country.




Diamond Group of Companies has helped Canadian families and businesses source exceptional foreign workers since 1988.  Diamond has placed over 3,000 workers nationwide.  Diamond head office is located in Toronto, ON.

Nanny BBQ 2009

Wow! What a success the BBQ was on Sunday.  Lots of laughs, karaoke and delicious food! Thank you to all the girls who came out ! It was wonderful.  Here are some photos and you can check out the whole album on flickr.



Group shot!

Group shot!




Too much fun!


I am proud to tell you that we have won the CityParent Reader’s Selection award for BEST NANNY AGENCY  in Toronto (That’s 8 awards, but who’s counting?).  We were also voted as ONE OF THE BEST in the Childcare Provider category.  The official announcement will appear in the July edition.  Thanks for your support city parent! And thank you very much to all of those who voted.